FROM THE ROAD is a retail brand born out of a passion for off-the-grid travel, a love of indigenous cultures and a desire to create beautiful objects with soul. Founder Susan Easton travels the globe to collaborate with artisans on decorative accessories for self and home that celebrate the source and give shoppers a real sense of connection to the treasures they purchase. 

The entire process from how items are concepted, designed and sold is unique. FTR does not arrive at a destination with designs in hand. Rather, we embark on each journey with an open mind and an eagerness to be influenced by our surroundings. We spend time immersing ourselves within the culture—meeting the people, taking part in their daily routines and learning about their ancient customs, rituals, and techniques.  It is out of these experiences that the artisan partnerships are formed and the inspiration for the products emerges.

Working hand in hand, FROM THE ROAD and the artisans develop designs and prototypes together. This is where Susan's modern aesthetic and design eye come into play. She keys in on a certain aspect from their culture—be it an ancient technique or a local material or process and works with them to reinterpret it in a fresh and modern way. 

Throughout the journey, FROM THE ROAD records the experience with photos and videos. We invite consumers into the process with virtual updates that chronicle our progress and remote retail events that give an insider view of the work and provide private pre-sale or bespoke opportunities. As the limited-edition of each product is completed, we pick a name based on a particular aspect of the experience and compile a small "documentary" to accompany the object.


An avid world traveler and entrepreneur, Susan has a BFA in graphic design and photography. Before founding FROM THE ROAD, she had many years of experience as a Creative Director for a number of prestigious studios in Los Angeles and New York, taught at Parsons School of Design, and opened a studio focused on branding and design for boutique luxury hotels and global retail.

Throughout Susan’s dynamic career experiences, one constant remained—her love of travel and the influence that it had on her personal and professional projects. Susan currently resides in New York City, but has also called Los Angeles, Shanghai, and São Paulo home. Her passion for discovering beautiful people, places and objects has taken her to many far-flung destinations, including China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Bolivia, Argentina, Finland, Denmark, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Brazil, Chile, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Israel, Morocco, Belize, Guatemala, and Ecuador.